Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Big One

our little dean or dean-o as we like to call him had his first birthday party over the weekend.  it was dinosaur themed to play off his name and my three year old happens to be obsessed with them too.  it was also an excuse for my husband to try out our new projector by playing Night at the Museum outside for the kids.  so in a way it was really for everyone. i wanted it to be like an archaeological dig and here was the invitation i made and the inspiration...
dinosaur t via Priceless Kids, dinosaur did via pinterest, dinosaur prints from restoration hardware,
 martha stewart fern stickers and fossil cookies via pinterest.

and here's how it all turned out...

believe it or not the majority of this table of goodies, except for the cupcake and cake decorations,
 was done with stuff i already had.  i love it when i can shop my own home and use things in a new way.

vintage binoculars, ferns cut from my yard, candle holders with plates attached with velcro and duct tape
 and green chevron wrapping paper under my burlap runner.

and just like last time around, popcorn cupcakes and cake courtesy of my talented sister rachel.
i made the cupcake pics and on the cake is the fern stickers, craft store dino and target stickers to spell dean.

picture of the boys from six months ago, west elm driftwood starburst,
 pictorial websters visual dictionary from my friend jenny and crystals from my bookshelf

part of my sons t-rex model buried in sand and moss

frozen sugar cookies (already in my freezer) and my son and i stamped them with his dino toys while they were still warm.
  he thought this was so fun.

Deanosaur and Coleasaurus Rex t shirts i ordered.  They turned out so great - thanks Priceless Kids!
Cole loved his and the best part is they can wear them all the time.

part of the reason we built the pup tents when we did.
green mini buckets from target, brushes i spray painted green and tied leather cording through
 and a white plastic dinosaur from a paint-your-own kit i found at the craft store.
 the kids were all too young to appreciate plaster of paris bones and it wasn't worth the time.
and the guest of honor having a great time outside with the other kids.

vintage wood dressing screen i turned into a chalkboard a while ago and a vintage 8 sign that was a wedding gift to us.
bag of popcorn with tags from the craft store and mason jars with daisy lids for the kids lemonade.

my dress up king and the outdoor movie theater.
globe lights, adirondak chairs, velvet drapes and an assortment of throw pillows from my closet.

and thanks to all our friends and family who made it a great party!

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  1. How fun!! Love all the details, Amy. You're so good... :)