Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rug Hunt

a couple of my friends recently bought a new place and asked me to help them find a rug for their great room.  they didn't want anything too graphic or flashy and they have a lot of antique wood furniture it has to go with.  i think with rugs, the bigger the better, because it will visually increase the size of the space.  one that's too small will definitely do the opposite.  i decided to see if i could find one large enough that was also thick for under $500.  i was surprised to find many beautiful ones that more than met my challenge at where else, but... target.

asilah sahara rug

zelda rug in gray
 i love this over-dyed and worn look i'm seeing everywhere these days 

donovan rug in gray

if you've ever watched a basement or playroom renovation on hgtv then you've probably heard of Flor
i can personally say that i own two and they are great for kids and pets and what's best is you can create
 your own size and shape. you can rinse them off in the sink and re-configure them for a new room
 down the road too.  here's a couple of their new designs i'm loving...

sweater weather

roadside attraction

and even if you're not in the market for a new rug, Flor's catalog is a great source of design inspiration.
 i own a sofa very similar to this and i would have never thought covering it in a plaid fabric
 like this would work, but it totally does.

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