Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Little Night Owl

my son is obsessed with everything in the sky right now, especially the moon and stars.  so much so that he asks my husband to carry him out every night before bed to look for both.  he gets so thrilled when he finds them and recently he slipped outside in his pajamas (frantically stopping to find shoes) to look for them on his own.  when he found them he started running in circles while looking straight up shouting as loud as he could "i found it, i found it, i found the moon!"  i don't know how he didn't fall down, but it was one of the sweetest things i've ever seen him do.  it's a memory i'll probably have forever.  kids are great at making you take a moment to stop and look around.

that moment inspired me to add a little night life to his room...

new galaxy dusk pillow by dwell studio, star trails by SM Harford Art, paper mache moon and stars 
from a land of nod photo shoot, fly to the moon print by pumpkin and butterfly,
 set of 1896 moon photogravures, orbit spitfire chair and orbital mobile by restoration hardware
and mini telescope and owl pillow from land of nod
paint scheme inspired by satellite images of the dead sea via house beautiful

and speaking of amazing here to see a panorama of mars. (thanks janie)

and i didn't get that trip to the beach, but we made it to the aquarium and i was mesmerized by these beauties.


  1. Even in my thirties I still am full of wonder when looking up at the night sky. Thank you so much for including my star trail photo in your post :-)

  2. beautiful inspiration and finds
    thank you so much :)