Monday, September 17, 2012

My Favorite Place to Shop

i was very lucky to make it to my favorite flea market twice over the weekend!  thankfully i have a husband and mother-in-law who understand my addiction and were willing to watch our boys.  the first time was with jenny, the veteran, and the second with my friend courtney who had never been.  as always, i saw an amazing amount and variety of beautiful things and was even inspired with some new ideas to add to my project list...

jenny and family love Bob and my husband and two sons both have what we constantly refer to as the Elvis lip.
 so when we saw these we were stopped in our tracks.  at first we thought they were vintage, 
but when we got closer we realized they were new-ish posters inside of window frames painted black.
 i might have to replicate this one - thank you... thank you very much!

we were told this was a piece of submarine equipment, a union jack painted dresser and jenny in a fringe coat.

vintage brass pitchers engraved with 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon and enormous toboggan.

i absolutely loved both and would have bought them if they were in the budget -
one of the pitchers alone was $125.

i think i'm going to recreate these for the boys rooms with some of
my husbands vintage soccer t-shirts

and the one that got away...
lesson learned: if you think you want something at a flea market and it's cheap just get it.
this was only $8 and i walked away and was never able to find it again.
it totally reminded me of these from land of nod.

and finally...

antlers from 1961, a set of tulip chairs, and the bottom vintage ski board hook rack.
ironically i have a pair in my basement i was using as shelves that i just took down.
i'm totally going to convert them! 
set of three brass owls, large engine for my little "Cole-train", a great plaid throw and ship for his room too.
 ironically i just featured a similar sailboat in my previous post and said "i'll take that please". 
i can't believe i also found one with pin stripe sails less than 24hrs later! 

awesome pizza board (i've wanted one for a while), another ship but much smaller and made from horn.
and finally a vintage windbreak like this one here it's in mint condition and from the 40's

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