Thursday, September 20, 2012

Current Obsessions

here's a few things i've been pining over for months now... i love them all and want to incorporate them all into my home.  it's fun to put them all together in one place too, i think juxtaposition is everything in design.  i very rarely buy anything upon seeing it the first time (the flea market being the exception) and i test how much i want something by seeing if i continue to think about it.  everything here falls into that category...

1. tribe sticker/print by beauchamping
2. pillow covers by ikat suzani
3. curtains from restoration hardware... it's really the pom pom fringe that i love. i want to put it on everything, but it is very feminine for this house of boys... our master bedroom perhaps?
4. think this gold-dipped flatware from anthropologie might be going on my christmas list
5. oh and this... the beni ourain rug.  i've loved it since the first time i saw it when it was only in high end design magazines.  but it's finally becoming more accessible and the thought just popped into my head to try painting dye on a fluffy white rug i already own.
6. and the mushroom riviera side chair from serena and lily.  i have also loved these french bistro chairs for years, but i really love this model especially, and i'm starting to see them popping up everywhere again, but i need more chairs like i need a hole the head.

and wouldn't you know as i'm writing this post, my friend jenny sends me this picture.  what a gorgeous dreamy playroom.  making that tissue tassel garland is currently on my to-do list and there's THE Rug.  i have never mentioned either one to her - i love it when that happens!  

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