Friday, September 14, 2012

If I had a Girl

okay before anyone gets too excited, a quick disclaimer... i'm not expecting nor are we trying for a girl.  we are very happy with our little foursome as of now.  these are just some sweet little girly pieces i've found while out and about.  i've also been drawn to pink lately which is new for me.  i'm not the girliest girl, in fact, i was once laughed out of a dressing room after my friends begged me to try on a ruffled skirt.  however, i wanted to share because i have many good friends and family with little girls and a couple who recently just welcomed one.  congrats and enjoy!
image via minikin's blog /papier mache magazine, gold moccasins from freshly picked, pink pom necklace via the glow,
 stun dove romper by modern moppet, ghana bolga farmers basket and kantha floral quilt via pretty mommy
hanging cradle from fine little day, hourglass necklace by blackstar, and alice underground chiffon bolero via minikin

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and speaking of girly... if you have not checked out The Glow then you must.
 it's full of gorgeous intimate pictures of creative mothers and their children.
 here's a few pictures from actress constance zimmer's life...

note her four year old daughter wrote to herself - so adorable.
another view of coco's room - i'll take that sailboat please.

and the word "girl" written on paper and sealed in an envelope by their doctor,
 for the day they wanted to know what they were having - such a great idea.

and even though i've been following it for a while, lately it's making me want to run out and re-do my entire wardrobe with more girly pieces.  but i will start small because i'll probably find myself laughing again and really this quote says it best...

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