Monday, September 24, 2012

Feels Like Fall...

the boys had a great time picking out pumpkins for the first time ever.
we went to this family run pumpkin patch that was extremely warm and welcoming.
everyone was so kind and we will definitely be back next year.
cole the collector... he had a great time picking everything out
even dean picked out a little pumpkin of his own!  we were shocked at his determination,
 he saw this from afar and climbed over several to get to it.
he loves hats and he is really starting to develop a sense of humor.

Wetzel Pumpkin Patch 5585
5585 Wenger Road
Clayton, OH 45315

then we heeded to...
after seeing some chickens and a pig at the pumpkin patch we headed here
to see some more animals and a couple of them were especially sweet.
cole was so excited to see a real donkey - he's a big shrek fan and 
that's our german shephard's nickname because he has extra large ears.
this guy came right up when i whistled and he yelled "donkey, donkey!"
and this little lamb was so sweet and i felt very sharon montrose taking her picture. 
i swear she was smiling at us, cole kept saying "awww"...

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