Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crazy for Kilim

my friend jenny adores kilim rugs and we're always on the lookout at every flea market and antique store we encounter.  she has spent countless hours online searching for what she calls "the rug of life" one so beautiful and timeless that she'll have it forever.  i like to tease her, but i really hope she finds it.  kilim rugs are nothing new, but i've recently come across some beautiful furniture covered in more modern versions of them.  i'm really in love with the look and i have two vintage chairs i've been dying to reupholster.  i think i officially just started a kilim search of my own!
chair via the rug store and found kilim floor seating from pottery barn
multi kilim arm chair from homemint and sofa by andrew martin

homemint is a great online store created and curated by designer estee stanley and justin timberlake.
yes you heard right.  it's full of beautiful furniture and accessories. 
sign up and take a quiz to find a style that best fits you.  

custom kilim armchair by australian interior designer anna spiro.

 i love her blog absolutely beautiful things and have been reading it for years... 
check it out, it really is quite beautiful.
suzani kilim black armchair from overstock

i'm really in love with this one especially.

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  1. I love kilim covered furniture and intend to find a perfect piece one of these days too. I'd like to have a side chair, then a leather couch with some kilim-covered throw pillows. But then, I also love kilims on the floor...so many choices!