Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clothing Exchange Party

i was thrilled to be invited to one the other night hosted by my friend cara.  i had heard of them, but it was the first time i participated in one and it turned out to be fantastic.  i met some wonderful girls, drank wine and got a new wardrobe for free - what could be better! here were some scenes and scores from the evening...

here's how the invitation read...

"Ladies! Do you spend hours in front of your closet, endlessly searching for something to wear?
 I am so sick of all my clothes, but happen to love my friends' tastes.
Wouldn't it be fun to dig through each others closets?  So..... let's trade! 
Bring your gently used, still fashionable threads - clothes, jewelry, and accessories -
and let's have a glass of wine while we sift through stacks of clothes!"

the exchange had such a relaxed vibe and everyone was so happy to see their clothes
 on the other girls. we were even picking out pieces for each other. i literally walked away
 with a garbage bag full of clothes, here's a few of the pieces...

- well i haven't, but i can say this dress has spent time in barbados!

- gorgeous rings, bracelet, and two bottom sweaters courtesy of cara. 
i tried the red one on first and when i loved it,
 she ran upstairs and pulled the other one from her closet.
 like me she often buys things in doubles - so sweet of you cara.

- and this bottom tunic i got from courtney, ironically i gave it to her three years ago.  
before i got there she bet the other girls i would like it and not realize it was ever mine.
i had a little deja vu when i saw it, but she was totally right.  it's funny how clothing can
carry baggage with it that you suddenly want to purge from your life.  it now feels new to me again.

thanks girls for all the wonderful pieces and a great night!

i was in desperate need of both. when i tried to leave that night my husband had to peel our
screaming three-year old off me who was pulling some amazing line-backer like moves.
it was one of those moments when you hope none of your neighbors are watching. hahaha


  1. cole will have to do a lot better if he wants to catch up to Liv's tantrums....ha!
    Love the blog!!