Monday, August 27, 2012

Trees + Tents

we had a project filled weekend around here - my favorite kind!  i used a sawzall for the first time ever to trim our pine trees and let me tell you it was empowering.
and my husband (mostly) and i made some pup tents... i saw these online and wanted to make them for a while
 and we finally got to it!  pictures of our version to be featured in a later post.
pup tents via lindsay and drew

while looking for the best model i was amazed at what else i found tent-wise, even ones for me.
 i have been talking teepees for our boys for a while now too...
recycled canvas play tent, land of nod teepee (no longer available) and white one via pinterest

and i've always been a sucker for circus style tents...
blue stripe canopy tent, pink circus tent, and you can actually buy this altair tent

and beautiful!


  1. Great post and pictures Amy! I actually was just looking for tents online for a upcoming camping trip me and a bunch of friends are taking. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. thanks Katie! i ended up making these -