Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cole's Birthday Party

i've always loved to entertain and plan parties. now that i have kids i'm excited to be able to decorate and create themes for their birthdays.  i want them not to be so much about gifts, but about making them feel special and creating great memories.  i love trying to make my backyard feel a little magical and the best part is sometimes all it takes is a dilapidated cardboard train and several mini flashlights to make that a reality.  for my his third birthday it was all about trains...

i love Etsy and i got much of my inspiration and party items there.
here's what i found and where i found it...

caboose onesie for my little guy and the personalized engine three tshirt,
and why get one when you know two train loving three-year-olds

DoodleDooz - my son loves bow ties so when i saw these clip-on ones i thought it would be adorable added to the shirt. i also requested a smaller size for baby brother and they were darling.

and these hats are what started it all!
available in the Target party favor aisle

this was on the table choo-chooing around the cake and i love that it is hand made.
this wall decal with a number 3 already on it was perfect.
i ordered a couple other decals for my son's room and they turned out great. i will be featuring those in an upcoming post.

i'd like to thank pinterest for this idea. 

and finally i want to give a shout out to my sister rachel for this amazing cake and cookies!
she's a whiz in the kitchen.

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  1. Amy, I love Cole's birthday theme!! And what a sweet party compared to some of the obnoxious party supplies some people buy and just throw out. You are so good at this. Your love shows through your thoughtfulness!!