Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello & Welcome!

for years i've been reading other peoples design blogs and dreaming of having my own.  i always thought "i don't have time!" but i've come to realize there will never be a perfect moment to start, so why not carpe diem! life is even more busy now with two small boys, but what the heck. if you can't stop thinking about something then i believe it's even more of a reason to do it.

I felt it fitting to begin this blog with my recent flea market finds.  if you are in the ohio area and haven't checked out the springfield flea market & extravaganza... then you should! my friend jenny and i have been going together for more than ten years now.  it's like christmas morning to us.  this time we brought our babies and left the big kids at home with dad. 

it was dean's first trip and he had just as good a time as i did.

here's the loot....
this was my favorite piece of the day. an awesome vintage ring that looks like a piece of coral and it's gold too which always seems harder to find.  i've been wearing it every day since! 

an ombre necklace worn two ways
s is for seth (my hubby)

a sailboat for dean's room, starfish and coral

a wood united states puzzle i was going to save for when the boys were a little older, but cole [my 3 year old puzzle junkie] found it.  i thought we had already lost hawaii, but he had put it in his front shirt pocket for safe keeping.
and finally purchase, these metal rings from old wine barrels
that i hope to make a light from!

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