Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baking with Bass

cooking comes natural to many people, but i am not one of them.  in fact, my husband does the majority of it in our house and i gladly just follow his instructions.  however, i do get an urge to bake now and then and i find it therapeutic, especially when i've got music playing.  my son really loves to sit on the island and help and i'm happy to let him.  he's a picky eater and is more likely to try something that he's made himself.  i haven't baked in a while and this is all inspiring me to get in the kitchen, crank up the tunes, and spill stuff all over me...

edible poster by artist anna garforth (i love her work - you can see more here)
and i would learn to cook just to spend time in this kitchen via house beautiful

angel food apron, colorful ceramic scoopswooden utensils inspired by canoe paddles,
milk bottle measuring cup set  and parent and me rolling pin set via romp.
and how cool are these!?!  up-cyled vintage suitcases that are
 "a fully functional boombox with vintage class and feisty sound"
i'm sold.  feisty and vintage are two of my favorite words.
to see more check out case of bass

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